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Born in Louisville, Kentucky in 1940. I spent my entire career, after 4 years of service with The United States Air Force Security Service, in Bulk Pharmaceutical, Food Chemical and Flavor Sales. I retired, after 27 years. My education is in Music?? Moved to Hanover, Pa from Maryland in 2007.
 I started woodworking as a Hobby and continue in the same vein today. Strictly a Hobby! I became more serious about woodworking in the mid 80's making jewelry boxes and chests for my children. Then, in the 90's, the magic of GRANDCHILDREN drove my interests with Toy Boxes, Rocking Horses, Shelves and Storage bin "requests".
 The Nativity sets were inspired by a Christmas gift from a dear friend and colleague who asked me to make on he had seen in Ireland back in the 80's. From there the Santa's, Angels, Pumpkins and Turkeys evolved.
 Now that I have completely retired (after three times) I have begun to get more focused on my hobby and just expanded the collection to include a Christmas Wreath made with Grape Vines, hand-carved Mahogany Holly leaves and size-reduced versions of the Nativity characters. I have donated the first to an art's council fund raiser and hope to have several more in "circulation" soon. I am trying new techniques now that I have the time, but nothing will replace the Hand Sanding and finishing which I believe contribute to the uniqueness of each piece.
 I truly enjoy making them and sincerely hope you enjoy them, on display, in your homes.
 Merry Christmas!!
   Bob Welsh - aka "Robert-a"
Bob Welsh
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Turkey Center Pc. W/Natural Trim
Bob Welsh
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